Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SKY High Analysis - Satellites and Retail Trending by Hedge and Wall St Funds -

Recently i was watching my morning CNBC routine and caught this on my radar which i thought was cool
Hedge fund and Analysts are now using Satellite, Geo Imaging to trend parking lots of large box retailers where the observe number of cars and trend quarterly earnings, consumer activity
I think it was a very cool idea
now we can predict where and when the consumers are going, next thing we can predict
What kind of cars go to Costco, -Macys, Walmart, Best Buy etc and correlate economic demographic to stores and create patterns of usage and predict earnings.
Google earth after all not seems to be bad idea now
Historically there have been many methods
Number of Trailer trucks in I81 or other interstate corridors which showed movement of goods
this just takes to a new level
Before you know there might be drone satellites surveying expensive, affluent high income earning ZIP CODES , thanks to Loudoun,Fairfax, Montgomery,Prince Williams,Howard we can expect many more drone satellites trying to analyze and sell services or study behavior for consumer activity.
Interesting ~~~~~~