Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Michael Phelps - He is no ordinary athlete .....

Phelps 2016 -
An athlete that everyone thought was joking when he said he is going to Rio in 2016. Some said he is the mama's boy who wanted to go there to just make his mom happy but has lost the mojo and wont be able to show his strength.
After last night, i think the world has shut up, shut up in disbelief.
I was very confident, he was going to win and he was going to win big.
His Heat performance was 1 sec behind the leader but it had nothing to do with his real performance.
We have seen this beast many times and yes when its a competition there is none to match his competitive spirit.
Some of the best talent in sports including Kobe, Kevin Durant, Jordan, Tiger woods, RF have admitted that there is nobody as mentally strong as Phelps.
To me he is the epitome of an athelete and no matter what he does in the first 2 years after the olympics is over, never write him off.
Its like betting against America as a country, you will have a lot of high but you will always loose.
He came to the first Olympics with one woman ( Mom ), Then wife and then Wife and Daughter ...
He has made us all plenty proud and his family mighty proud.
Best wishes for the races ahead.