Saturday, September 26, 2009

ROTH Conversion in 2010

Many of us know about this, but the essence of this is captured in a very good article by Fidelity
please check it out

What are your views on ROTH IRA conversion , if you have a portfolio of Simple, SEP and other IRAS what would be the strategy, ALL , PART or NONE and why

Post your thoughts on ROTH conversion --

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Money Management -

Expanding on previous topics on money management,
What has the crash in '08 taught all of us, what truly is a strategy , what are the variety of common products that a regular house hold can expose themselves, how important is to have a strategy in place ?
Say for example if a family makes 10,000$ a month, and spends 6000$ of it and retains 4000$ as savings what should be your strategy
Sit back and think if you have a clear idea in mind that
1000$ goes towards RISK Free CDs/banks/money markets
500$ goes towards Equity markets directly as stock purhcases - long term
500$ goes towards Equity markets directly as options purhcases - short term
500$ goes to Treasury securities
1000$ goes towards a diversified managed portfolio of mutual funds
500$ goes towards a high risk Hedge or Oppurtunities or Derivative fund
What is the risk spread you have
1500$ towards NO loss very conservative
1500$ towards Market oriented products - you do well if market does well
1000$ towards high risk instruments that are market agonistic

Im not saying this is a good strategy, but its a strategy better than having NONE and putting money in all CDs or bank accounts for the most infamous reason -" i dont have the time to manage"
WELL you had the time to make the 4000$ how hard can it be to split and put in buckets that formulate a strategy
STEADY monthly investment approach - enables dollar cost averaging across strategies that are at various market price points at various times
Its been a proven way and provides a discipline in investing and commitment
Now that we are in that subject,
Please post what would be your model strategy for say 5000$ monthly investment plan
If you have 5000$ a month to invest what would be your strategy
i think colloboration is half the work in investing so post your thoughts

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strategies for Money Management

I think we all can agree making money is far easier than managing money
With 10 to 20 years of career and work experience around, our minds are focussed on progressing in ladders and focussing on new thing while we get paychecks and other forms of income but dont concentrate on managing the MADE MONEY
how to get better at this
what are the approaches
I understand the main followers in this blog have international exposure to markets from
Say US, INDIA, CHINA primarily
Given that as the premise,
How to better manage an create an intnerational portfolio diversified across currencies, vehicles, strategies,markets, philosophies, governments, growth segments
Lets start talking this week from topics on US markets

US markets
What are good strategies for investments
What are good products
What are efficient what are inefficient
What makes long term sense
Did the recent crash change the game of long term buy and hold
What strategies we need to apply for 2010 to 2015 ???/
What are the big wave segments

PLS POST share your thoughts for the COMMON good

Catching up -- Sorry for the no show for 2 months

Well - i think the startup syndrome affects me as well
active while i start and then doze off after the initial spike loses
sorry , i will try to catch up
Im trying to shift this blog's main topics of interest into money management in an interest to see if a lot of interaction would happen
i will start a thread shortly
Soon !!!!