Sunday, July 6, 2014

Modi in Power and a few national issues being revisited ....

I have to admit, Im guilty of not knowing or trying to learn about Indian history. Thanks to the Congress govt and the nehru and gandhi dynasty to have left the history books in dark and drum beat the usual crap that we have all been exposed to all this time.

I give Mr. Modi a lot of credit as he started to revisit a lot of the national issues that are due for a clean up

Article 370 - revisit 
          Its high time we need to revisit this as a nation. Make no mistake we are not going to accept a referendum from J&K, it has to be a national referendum. If J&K wants to option to preserve Article 370, so does the rest of the nation should have a voice to accept this bogus article.
Article 370 in 1949 was a Nehru blunder and the 1974 Indira-Sheikh accord was a double blunder by the clown dynasty who has ruled this country and has not let us to be who we are.
Article 370 must be revisited and public preference must be heard not the Sheikhs or Abdullahs
Until 1965 the CM / Governors were called PM and President of J&K, what a joke?
You either stay in the union or you get out, as simple as that.
I wish nehru travelled a few additional times and the country could have executed like " OPERATION POLO" and annexed J&K and solved the issue once for all.
Do we hear about Nizam of Hyderabad or their allegiance to pakistan today, all we hear is Telengana and Seemandra. How did the landscape change ?
The leadership of Patel helped to solve the issue once for all. Mr Modi should follow Mr.Patel's footsteps and take an Iron Hand and solve this issue once and for all.

Katchatheevu - 1974 accord 

Until 1974 this islet was jointly adminstered by India and Srilanka, but suddenly like many dumb decisions done in 1974, Indian govt decided to transfer power to Srilanka. In return for what ?
This accord was not ratified by both houses of the parliament, which means its ILLEGAL.

Mr Modi has started to revisit this and we wish a legal process will be followed to protect India's best interests.