Monday, July 6, 2009

People with Pets

Pet meds and insurance
Following my Costco addiction i saw this post in one of my fav deal hunting forum
Check it out
Use Costco Pharmacy for your pet meds. Save up to 88% over what your Vet charges!!
This should work on many medications that are used for people and pets.My 18 year old cat Spot is taking 2 Methimazole 5 Mg Tabs twice a day for his hyperthyroid. That works out to 120 pills a month.My vet was selling me the pills for $1.00 a piece which works out to $120 a month.I then checked a 1800PetMeds. They charge about $0.40 a pill, using a 20% discount code, which works out to be $48 for the month. To get free shipping, which applies to any order over $50, I had to order 2 months.I then checked at Costco. They charged $0.26 a pill. They also have FREE Pet Insurance for Costco members for medication which dropped the price down to $0.24 a pill. You fill out a short form at the pharmacy window when you drop off the prescription and enter you membership number to get the discount. It took me 5 minutes to complete the form. On top of all that they stocked a 10 Mg Tab which reduced the number of pills I needed by half and made the monthly total $14.40 which works out to a 88% saving.Petmeds only had the 5 Mg Tab.You can check the meds prices at Costco website [costco.com]. These prices do not include the Free Pet Insurance discount. You will have to check with your local Costco for the discount price.FYIThis might work for other discount pharmacy like Walmart. I did not check because I dont have a Walmart near my home but it would be cool to get them for $4 bucks.The next time your pet requires medication have your vet write a prescription and then shop around for the best price.

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