Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Money Management -

Expanding on previous topics on money management,
What has the crash in '08 taught all of us, what truly is a strategy , what are the variety of common products that a regular house hold can expose themselves, how important is to have a strategy in place ?
Say for example if a family makes 10,000$ a month, and spends 6000$ of it and retains 4000$ as savings what should be your strategy
Sit back and think if you have a clear idea in mind that
1000$ goes towards RISK Free CDs/banks/money markets
500$ goes towards Equity markets directly as stock purhcases - long term
500$ goes towards Equity markets directly as options purhcases - short term
500$ goes to Treasury securities
1000$ goes towards a diversified managed portfolio of mutual funds
500$ goes towards a high risk Hedge or Oppurtunities or Derivative fund
What is the risk spread you have
1500$ towards NO loss very conservative
1500$ towards Market oriented products - you do well if market does well
1000$ towards high risk instruments that are market agonistic

Im not saying this is a good strategy, but its a strategy better than having NONE and putting money in all CDs or bank accounts for the most infamous reason -" i dont have the time to manage"
WELL you had the time to make the 4000$ how hard can it be to split and put in buckets that formulate a strategy
STEADY monthly investment approach - enables dollar cost averaging across strategies that are at various market price points at various times
Its been a proven way and provides a discipline in investing and commitment
Now that we are in that subject,
Please post what would be your model strategy for say 5000$ monthly investment plan
If you have 5000$ a month to invest what would be your strategy
i think colloboration is half the work in investing so post your thoughts

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