Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crossing 11000 - Is there a 10-15% pullback ahead?

Easter Break
Heading into a 11,000 breaking streak in the markets , i think the snow storm of early february in midatlantic was a good gift from nature.
With streets piled on snow and nothing else to do, it gives some time to research, Feb 8,9,10 were good days to getback on feet into allocation exposure in equities into the market
With that said, are we going into the cherry blossoms and should trim equity exposure say by 25% across the portfolio ?
I think it may not be a bad idea after all,
The only predictable route to make money today is selling puts on AAPL i guess !!!
i dont subscribe to the ITAB hype, but the market seems not to care about it and rides on emotional attachments.
I strongly the beleive the consumer casual dining market will have a good run in the next 3 to 6 months, brands that interest me are -
Panera and chipotle i think are overbought but i like their food - damn emotion plays in again !!!!!

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