Sunday, May 10, 2009

BlackBerry App world - FINALLY -- how long did we wait ???

App World
After such a long wait, Blackberry has come out with their app world
Equivalent to you iPhone App store, i said equivalent - not a comparable service by any means
But its a start,
Lacking developer community is a big disadvantage that works in Google and Apple's favor
But since RIM is going to cater a lot of business users, i would imagine the top rated and selling apps from the other 2 platforms will be ported to Blackberry platform
so we will have a limited choice but a choice of most needed apps
download and enjoy ---

Update ---

i downloaded an app and tried to uninstall the weather app, Blackberry throws an error message saying the device has to reboot

OMG - what is wrong with RIM why dont the get how to create apps on a mobile o/s platform

How hard is to copy APPLE, dont need to invent, can you not copy ??????????


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