Friday, May 8, 2009

Gross National Happiness - Is this truly a measure of a nation's success

What is the true measure of success as a country
We in America are very very conscious about GDP, our position in the world to remain a leader to sustain a growth in GDP to avoid economic contraction with only 400M people is truly an amazing feat. No doubts or questions about that, Countries like China and India thriving and buzzing in econonmic boom with over 1B people still are halfway behind the United States
But does GDP really equate to a true success as a whole nation and this applies not just to the US but to China, Japan,Germany and India
Does it really ???
I watched Michael J Fox's documentary, an incurable optimist
It was a great 1 hour tv show, really enjoyed it
He covered Bhutan - neighbouring country to India but never focussed to learn or look into them to get any thing out of them
It was amazing how this small tiny country measures their success by Gross National Happiness
So i set out to learn what GNH is
GNH has according to researchers 7 components
Economic Wellness:
Environmental Wellness:
Physical Wellness:
Mental Wellness:
Workplace Wellness:
Social Wellness:
Political Wellness:
Bhutan as a country has set out to get an A+ in each of these categories
Some simple examples of well-being/wellness
Each individual has to walk 3 miles a day
Sale of all tobacco products banned in Bhutan
No traffic signals in the country
Signboards to constantly remind you to be happy all over

It was a different view point it may well adapt/suit a 700k population and certainly not India and china the 2 large neighbours
But there is always some thing good to learn from every thing
To learn more about GNH

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