Monday, June 8, 2009

Horses and Racing

Horses and Racing

While growing up Horses, Racing meant or equated to gambling problem, addiction a very bad thing in India. I think the perception behind horses has nothing to do with addiction, they are beautiful animals i appreciated them all along. I was always fascinated to see the huge horses, strong legs and giant leaps they make in the Budweiser commercials. I saw one of those horses in San Antonio in Sea World few years back, up close, Magnificient and amazing.I think SEABISCUIT was a great story that turned the corner in appreciation around horses and started a lot of attention in that subject. Ever since i have been watching the Kentucky Derby and always rooted for the underdogs.

This year ofcourse the story is about MINE THAT BIRD

What an underdog story!!! In America its all about the underdog winning the glory, may it be KRIS Allen or David Cooke in American Idol or cursed teams like Boston Red Sox or Chicago cubs, people always want the Hollywood ending of the underdog story.

Is that why candidates running for election / offices always pitch them as the underdogs. In a way the underdogs are the favorites always, Remember the NEW England Patriots and St.Louis RAMS in 2001 - there you go thats an underdog story you will never forget.
So turning back to horses .....Mine that Bird and Calvin Borel were an amazing package, this horse blew my mind away. It starts last and then picks up midway in the race and has a compelling finish, its unbeleivable. Watch the videos and you be the judge
Kentucky Derby 2009

Belmont Stakes



There was one thing to be proud of, the SUMMER BIRD that won the BELMONT was owned byDR KK and Vilasini Jayaraman, Indian Doctors who have been breeding horses for 25 years.


Congratulations to KK and Vilasini Jayaraman

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