Friday, June 19, 2009

US opinion on international elections

Passing judgement on international elections
Recently IRAN had its general elections and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared a landslide winner. Protests followed and world drew its attention.
Every body looked up to President Obama to pass a judgement on his view of the election results
I have a fundamental problem, what does US opinion on General elections on other countries matter ? I know we have a vested interest - no doubt,
But if India or Pakistan or Iran elects an official or a party for office the fact of the matter is no one can do any thing about it. To dispute it there are courts and judicial system much similar to US federal courts and supreme courts that certified George W Bush as the winner in 2000.
Looking back the election results certification in US so biased and carried out by officials who are all party biased and appointed by administrations from either side of the aisle
Where is really the independent election body that you can point to in US election system
There is NONE
I take a lot of pride to showcase the election machinery in India because the election commission and officials are non political party based Administrative officials.
They are very independent and represent the WILL OF THE VOTING PEOPLE
In the past 60+ years of elections in India, there has been many many times when powerful leaders may it be Indira gandhi, Rajiv, Advani, or any other leaders in south and west have either been overwhelmingly approved or rooted and thrown away from the legislative body.
What matters ???
In a democracy that reperesents about 600 to 750Million voters twice the size of the population of USA, the results this election was a testimony to demonstrate how common public issues mandates to administration.
The problem lies in the fact if the elections are not a fair process then an outside country cannot really do any thing about, the WILL of the PEOPLE must raise above and beyond the suppressing power of the VIOLATORS to establish the mandate
Whatever be the outcome of the Iran elections and people protesting it, no external nation can influence or change the way elections operate in that country unless change happens from WITHIN.

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