Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you nuts ? by Robert Vadra

What is so nutty about asking a question to Mr Vadra about the land deals he had made with the haryana govt that is discussed in public media on the hour ?
The Govt of India - GOI sends a 36 panel team for Z+ security for this nut job to go to his Gym.
Let me tell you what is nuts.

  1. Some one called Vadra that no one in the national scene knew 20 years back is reportedly worth thousands and thousands of crores
  2. The only qualification Vadra carries is marrying Rajiv's daughter
  3. What is more nuts is the mysterious deaths of every one in Vadra's family - Dad / Sister / Brother
  4. More mysterious is foreign mom seems to not care for all the lost ones and is busy building business empires with entitled son-in-law of the first congress family
The only thing that is not nutty is thankfully you have not taken the Gandhi last name and given it to your kids following the family tradition - FEROZE KHAN.

I give that to mr. vadra, because if the buddhu goes without kids and priyanka morphs to vadra, that will be the end of the "so-called-nehru-opportunistically-turned-gandhi" family.

Hope to see that in my life time.

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