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The First family / Son / Daughter / Son-in-law - part 1

I have been wanting to write about this for a while, but did not want to author some thing half baked.
This wont be one post but a multi part series.
Lets start from the origin

Who are these so called Gandhi family running the INC / Congress Party - The institution that is synonymous to the movement who got India the independence ?

Jawaharlal Nehru - 
proclaimed nationalist and son of a wealthy lawyer who grew up in estates, private tutors, cambridge education and given a career in law followed by politics by pure entitlement.
Any struggle to reach goals or survivorship skills to over come challenges - ZERO - NONE

Indira Gandhi -
Only daughter of J. Nehru 
Legal born name - Indira Priyadarshini 
Spent most times with Mom Kamala Kaul in large palatial estates with private lessons / tutors.
Has she seen real world again, studied in govt schools, street life ?

How did she get her surname  - Gandhi ?
being a Nehru or Priyadarshini 

Enters the First Son in law - Feroze Khan Ghandy - true name - born parsi / muslim

How does this family switch their surname to Gandhi when the dad is a born parsi/muslim with a totally different surname.

Should the Rajiv be called - Rajiv Khan Ghandy ? and Sanjay Khan Ghandy and Indira Ghandy ?

Sonia Gandhi -
This is the height of comical climax, Born in a italian family and got married to Rajiv she switches her surname to GANDHI 

Rahul Gandhi
There is really nothing interesting or even worth to write about this clown.
He can be summarized in one statement " COLOSSAL DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY"
He is born in 1970 and he is 44 years old and claimed he had a spanish girlfriend 10 years back, im not a fool to believe a venezulan latina is waiting for you for 10 years.
Its high time he should come out of the closet.
There is nothing wrong about it, just saying......

Priyanka Gandhi & Robert Vadra
Ok this is even more funnier - 
Robert Vadra, who is this guy ? 
Born to Maureen (foreign national ) and Rajinder Vadra 
Now tell me some thing how do every one in Robert's family die or kill themselves in a 10 year period
are they that foolish or screwed up ?

My simple question is from the times of J/Nehru has there been any thing sane about the personal relationships / lives of this family ?

  • Affairs with Mount Batten's wife 
  • Marriage with a Parsi and dubious name change that is clearly politically opportunistic
  • One son marries a beauty pagent model
  • Another son marries an Italian waitress who runs this country's largest national party 
  • 3rd generation is even more messed up 
  • 4th generation is growing to be teenagers 
If you follow this for 100 years, a simple pattern repeats
we went from a autocracy, kings ruling, Foreign slavery, Family slavery 

What next ?
The next part will go deep into each "SO CALLED Gandhi" But NEHRU or GHANDY descendants and reveal the real face of each of them....

What a joke ?

All we learnt in CIVICS and HISTORY growing up was

Nehru Chaacha, Gandhi Thaatha 
5 year plans
Planning commission
Socialistic Ideologies
Welfare driven statehood

what crap, has any one of these worked ? 

Did the clown fraternity that we read in our History books really fetch freedom or were the British bankrupt that they could not deal with colonies after WWII and just decided to pack bags and leave ?

Lets get some honest answers ?

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