Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct 31st - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel - BirthDay - Lost, Forgotton, Denied, Rejected Leader in Indian History

Oct 31st 1875 was when Sardar Patel was born. How many of us truly knew his birthday until PM Modi organized the Ekta Run. Very few including me.
While young, i had true admiration of Mr. patel through stories from my father and grand father.
I decided to research and find the roots of this Nehru family blackout on Patel's history in India.
We celebrate children's day on Nov 14th, but as i can see only Halloween day is observed on Patel's birthday. It may be fitting as halloween is a sign of remembering the martyrs. Patel was a true fighter, no agenda, no politics , non nonsense statesman.

I reviewed the news over the weekend and Congress party is claiming the PM is giving undue importance to Patel's birthday while forgetting to celebrate Indira Gandhi (Ghandy)'s birth day.
Again, What a Joke ?
UPA was in power for 10 years and micro-focused in mastering the acts of making money through corruption. Its natural to forget to celebrate the life of their party founder. I say this with a clear definition, the current day congress party is a transformation of CONGRESS(I), growing up i remember Congress(I), some how in the years to go, this master minded thugs have transformed the name back to congress party to milk the benefit of freedom movement.

  1. Why did the UPA sleep and not rejoice their party leader by commemorating say instead of children, Elderly day on Indira Priyadarshini's birthday ?
  2. Congress party issued a statement that Sardar patel belongs to congress party so the BJP is trying to cash in on the issue, Really, is this even an argument, The world knows what the Nehru clan did to Patel's legacy. For starters please read the wiki page on patel but there are more links to provide the true story. NOTE: Dont trust the history books that we studied when young, happens to be the books printed by Nehru family.
  3. Indira Ghandy should be given similar recognition, Really, Do these people have any sense, why you want to complain a mountain and mole hill ?
I credit PM Modi to take up issues that have been forgotten, brainwashed to forget by the Congress party - Nehru family faction. 

Lets go back a bit in history and see the issues in which Nehru and Patel clashed and what the outcomes have been

  1. Partition Proposal of 1946 - Please refer to what Nehru's leadership role vs Patel's leadership actions. Using Patel's strategy the Congress folded in to the May 1946 proposal and Patel could convince 597 Kings to fold into India except for Jammu and KashmirJunagadh, and Hyderabad.
  2. Of the 3 provinces , Junagadh and Hyderabad went PATEL's way - History will speak for the rest on the political value of his decisions. Does any of us even think about the control of Nizam in Hyderabad or the legacy when traveling to Hyderabad, all we can think of is TOLLYWOOD and the IT corridor. 
  3. Kashmir became an EGO issue between Nehru and Patel - The War of 1947 was not dealt the way Patel wanted to deal with, Diplomacy kicked it and the useless Nehru ideology paradigm kicked in and today after 70 years we are where we are with KASHMIR due to one person's ego -- J/NEHRU. 
One thing im simply amazed is if you go back researching history you will find that from 1945 to 1947 there were a lot of changes that happened in India. Interestingly enough, Nehru was not to be seen in any of they KEY strategic decisioning the shaped india's future.
He was simply given the position of PM by Gandhi, if there was a popularity contest definitely Nehru was no party to it. Then comes the middleman business done by Gandhi and gave Nehru the price and the consolation price - Deputy PM / Home Minister to Patel.

Lets face it we are an integrated nation today because of the work Patel did , so celebrating the man that united 600 princely kingdoms is completely timely, if not delayed and forgotten for all these years.

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