Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coupon Clipping & Self check out counters - What do you all think --

Coupon Clipping & Self Check out
Most stores have self check out these days.
So what happens if you carry a coupon for say a 2$ off Gillete razor cartridge or 50cents off a tooth paste to one of these self check out counters
The machine reads - Do you have any items under your cart ? ( Who carries a large cart to a self check out register - none - mostly we carry under 10 items we are lazy lets admit - big cart.....we want some one else to ring us up, we dont want to do it by ourselves)
You say YES, please scan coupons, Scan your Gillete 2$ coupon it takes it off your bill,
Please deposit your coupon in the box ( you are supposed to put your coupon in a collector)
So im like why dont i put a small piece of paper in it and see what happens - tear the top part of the coupon some useless piece of paper and put it in the coupon collector
Say yes and use your same Gillete coupon for another razor or cartridge
I think you get the message.....
Im not for advocating some crazy coupon misuse scheme ....
But check it out next time you are in a 24 hour harris teeter or BJs or safeway or any of the other selfcheck out friendly stores
You may not be that lucky in Costco - they dont take any other coupons except for theirs so dont try there, you can eek a DIME out of that store !!!!!!!!!

****Post your experiences on innovative coupon usage in various retailers ******

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