Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ordinary Idea Extraordinary Results

Read the Title Again

Im talking about a simple burger franchise called FIVE GUYS
What is unique about this store - NOTHING --
Absolutely !!!!!
Its a Hamburger Joint that sells some really good burgers and fries
Its predictable, cheap and Hell yeah they throw free peanuts when you wait to get your burger
They were 5 stores for 15 years and then became 250 stores in 5 years
What is so amazing
Consumers/people like predicatability - its like the Honda accord or the Toyota camry in car business, no new innovation, really monotonous design boring models , but PREDICTABLE
Five guys is that when you are in mood for a Greasy ( not so much ok peanut oil i get it) Juicy burger with some CAJUN fries, Hit 5 guys up , its blissssssssssssssss

1 comment:

  1. Five Guys are successful because in a world where most inexpensive hamburgers taste like plastic ( read: lousy, unless you are a cyborg, or something ) theirs taste REALLY GOOD.

    This is just an example of quality speaking for itself; even if the idea has been tried 100 times before.

    The Hamburger IS the message! Bliss indeed.