Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tip of the Day - TOTD

Vacation & Operating expenses
I have always wondered why do I incur twice the cost when i travel on vacation
I know many of you are like - what do you mean
im cheap and i dont like to pay at 2 places when im only at one location. So i explored to see what can i cut when either me or my wife or both travel and not stay local to our home location
I wanted to make a list of what i dont use when im away
  1. My cars
  2. Cell Phones
  3. Cable TV/ Satellite TV
  4. Home Phone
  5. My Internet connection
  6. Oh yeah of course Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewer
  7. Blockbuster or Netflix subscription for videos
  8. Gym memberships

Ok thats all i can think of now

I began calling each one of them - called

Costco Auto insurance - Cars can be placed on vacation / comprehensive only plan where in your car is covered for insurance if any thing happens in a parked state on your drive, no collision on road, but any vandalism, act of nature - covered - Savings - 80$ a month

Cell Phones - Both Sprint and AT&T were nice to put me on a 10$ monthly vacation disconnect mode - savings - around 200$ a month !!!!!

Home Phone - Both verizon and vonage can place your phone on vacation disconnect no charges - savings around 25$/per line per month

Comcast Internet - Yes only 5$ charge a month - savings 40+$ a month

Satellite Dish - Dish network at 5$ a month vacation disconnect - Savings 75$ month

Blockbuster - 12$ a month - we can hold the subscription by going to account settings online - no need of calling

Golds Gym - Oh year vacation disconnect allowed and it saves 35$ a month

GAS, Electricity and Water - I dont mess with them, i leave it on as i dont want my pipes to freeze also is by a per use basis so not much of a cost savings

LAST THOUGHT - NO matter you or on a contract or not all services allow vacation hold/disconnect -- JUST ASK and For sure it saves you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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  1. now thats great information ! didnt know you could do that.

  2. I do most of them.. But never bothered to check on Auto Insurance and mobile phones.. ain't bad - maybe I should..

    Dude - good start.. write more on investing..

  3. I will add more US and India investment tips and options, all that i beleive in, not all i follow :)