Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Obsession around STUFF

Obsession around Stufffffff
We all have our share of obsession around stuff,
Stuff could be any thing, wealth, objects, shoes, cars or comforters, bed in bags
Where does this start to get into us ?
Being a Kid ?
What stage ?
Always wondered but the following Performance by the legend George Carlin about stuff is truly a master piece -
Enjoy --

Post your thoughts about STUFF

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  1. In the past quarter of a century, Americans have become unduly worried with material things; particularly things which have unreal prices and essentially no real worth: expensive brands that are expensive mostly because of the brand.

    This sort of circular dependence on things we really don't need, creats profits for the capital class, but an economy that is increasingly focused on creating non-practical fads or fashion goods, rather than things which are truly valuable.

    This is bad for everyone except the people who create this tripe.

    How do they create this need for the needless? Ask Madison Avenue. They are the experts in getting you do buy stuff you don't need; and billions are at stake...