Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple Things -- Significant Results

Be Environment Friendly

Simple things that we can do to be more environment friendly

" When going to a fast food or take out eatery only take the number of spoon,fork,knife and napkin you need to eat

Dont gather plastic ware, paper stuff for your friends, wife, girlfriend or significant other, Just GRAB YOUR OWN Stuff and eat and throw away

Dont waste plastic or paper, it reduces trash, saves money for the fast food and will make you feel better that day

**Simple decisions leads to Significant contributions ***


  1. Thanks for ur environment friendly message.

    Have a point to add to ur list..

    Owning a coffee mug at desk,a bottle to refill water when possible helps in waste management.

    Even starbucks offers 10cent off when u bring the sippy cup.

    Thought of adding few more Laundry and kitchen tips:

    1) When washing your clothing, put a cup of baking soda before u start adding water. This softens your water, cuts down on detergent and bleaches needed.
    2) Dont waste your soup if too salty. Add cut potatoes to it !! your soup is saved.

    Recharge, Recycle, Reuse, Refill ...

  2. You are definitely an motivation into changing daily habits of mine to be atleast a bit more eco friendly, i know there are many that we can change which are simple and not life changing adjustments to our daily routine that will significantly reduce the waste we create
    Point taken .....