Sunday, April 26, 2009

Allergies Alert

Allergies Alert

Welcome Spring and Nice weather and ofcourse lots of POLLEN

For some allergy sufferers like me, a few tips could be useful. Check airquality before you plan an out door event or activity.

The Weather Channel provides an easy daily email alert to get pollen forecast, just like you check weather before you plan some thing, check the pollen forecast before you plan an out door stuff.

Try to build resistance, Fight it, i have found doing a lot of cardio during the allergy season helps me to fight resistance, may it be running , cross trainer, elliptical, or cycling try to do as much as you can

Obviously good eye drops, nose sprays does help, Cingular has been working for me past season.

Yesterday i was in a restaurant and a mexican waiter offered me a MEXICAN medication and told me it fixes the allergy attacks, i have my doubts but im going to try- what the heck, it has to be either drugs or better medicine to fix the allergy i go through, both ways its better than what i have now :)

TWC link for Pollen allerts


Another couple of pointers, Keep your car exterior and interior clean, wipe out with some disinfectants as much as you can, while driving keep the internal air circulator to be on, Change cabin air microfilter to get better airquality inside the car

I know the first 4 weeks of spring is miserable, but hey im not going to give up i will be outdoor, i will SNORT the freakin pollen and do whatever i want to, I keep thinking what if i gather a full bottle of POLLEN and SNORT it like BLUE MAGIC from American Gangster

What do you think will happen, any one wants me to try ????

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