Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are we entering a Government 2.0 era

What is Government 2.0
Its a steal of an acronym from Web2.0, Enterprise2.0 commonly called for a interactive, collaborative form of using the channel may it be the internet, web, applications, video, forums etc, Some thing that allows the user to interact back with the provider
With that said, Is President Obama truly beginning to extend it to Government
The latest appointments of Vivek and Aneesh for the nations CIO and CTO job truly is a testimonty to his committment to bring leadership in technology to open up Government for colloboration
Todays Nations address on his 100 days milestone was spent over an hour to answer questions in various issues such as War,Security, Swine flu, economy, Auto makers, Pakistan, Border control etc. Obama addressed a variety of issues and provided oppurtunities for more questions and he has done over 5 such town hall type of press conferences. Such high numbers in the first 100 days in office of a President is not typical
I sat back and started thinking why not a Government2.0 model
One may question, We pay tax and we also participate in government and do the work ????
Well you have a choice not to participate in the government and have no traceability or voice in tax payer dollars or participate and make your voice heard
As a simple example we have Police services to provide us the protection we need and they are paid of the tax dollars we pay the local state and county governments, Still dont we set up neighbourhood watches in collaboration with the local sheriff ?
We volunteer to the local fire and rescue even though they are funded via property taxes / fire/ems taxes, Why do we do it , we do it because we care for our local community.

Thing a 1000 times bigger, if you participate in the government with the doors opened up by our new administration i think its a great oppurtunity for us to colloborate, make our voices heard and contribute to a significant way we do things
Score cards, Ratings on congressmen, senators are example , online blogs about positions taken by politicians are important, Rather than hearing the one way SPIN given to us by the Political pundits in FOX, CNN we should participate and share opinions and views and there are channels to promote them
If these channels gain momentum then the government will have no choice than to hear them
When an AP, Fox, CBS, Politico news reporter gets a seating , the days of having an Online blog moderator in that conference room is not too far away.
It could be an independent forum or a syndicated columnist forum,the thoughts shared is really the key
Participate, Collaborate and Contribute,
Thats the only way you can make a difference, Paying taxes alone will never bring any change

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