Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elections in India

Elections in India
Indian general elections to elect the members of parliament is considered the largest democratic election process in the world. The elections covers about 700 to 750Million voters this year and its done in over 6 phases in different sections of the country and no counting or results are published until all elections are over.
Its a key factor as one states results does not influence or sway others as it happens in American between East and West or Midwest states
Although a multi party system is followed, there are three national level coaliations that are competing in the elections and there is stark differences amongst them in the way to run the country forward
Congress - Pure capitalist - western oriented approach - Secular
BJP - Capitalist with a Indian flavor - pro west but relegious fundementalism deep rooted
Third front - Mix of many idealogies - Heavy Socialism in their brains - against the rich for the poor/middle class - Should i say more Obama like :)

Given these choice the Indian public are going to be making some crucial decisions in the next few weeks to re-write their destiny for the next 5 years

Given that i stumbled on a site that i think is very interesting to provide data on the elections and the participants in the elections
Check this out


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