Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Suburbia Vs Metro Living

Suburbia Vs Metro Living
What are the 10 things that will call you out as a Suburb dweller vs a Metro dweller
Im a part of the American suburbs so lets try to put a list of things that marks who we are :)
  1. We never use front door to enter and exit our house, we use garage doors instead
  2. There is a coat closet next to the garage as opposed to near the main door or both
  3. When it rains we worry about grass to cut and happy about not watering the lawn, When it snows we worry about driveways to shovel
  4. We Store STUFF in our garage and park cars in our driveways,We store more STUFF in our basement
  5. We make an home theater, excercise room, wet bar in our basement which we never use
  6. We have living and dining rooms in the house which we never use
  7. We buy STUFF from member clubs in huge sizes and numbers
  8. We keep a second refrigerator in our garage to store more COLD STUFF
  9. We dream of living in cul-de-sacs, We hate HOAs yet we live in them
  10. We see our neighbours when we pick mail, put trash out or cut grass

So the METRO folks , Tell us what makes you one ?

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  1. Sada, you summed it up very well on Suburban dwellers...