Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break - NEAT EATS

Spring Break - NEAT EATS Special
Since we are on spring break ( atleast DC metro), i thought i would come up with a list of really neat places to check out and grab a bite with your kids for lunch a special evening dinner or some thing you want to try out new
Keep in mind when you come to my blog you are not going to find any thing fancy and expensive, i could suggest them, but lets stick to the theme - Find cheap good stuff and should be cool
Im sorry i wish i can write about other areas but im going to have to restrict to DC metro because thats my area --

MiddleEastern-Afghan-Kabob places
Charcoal Kabob - herndon
Lebanese Butcher - fallschurch
Ravi Kabob - Arlington
Moby dick - all over the place
Nizam - TURKISH - Vienna

Elevation Burgers - Falls Church
Five Guys - All over
Potbellys - all over
Cosi - all over
If you go down to VA Beach Area
Check out Schlotzsky's DELI -

Mexican/South American
El Pollo Rico - Arlington and Herndon
Chipotle - All over
Guajillo - Arlington

Saravana Palace - Fairfax/centreville
Angeethi - herndon
Mayuri - Reston
Masala Country - centreville
Jaipur - Fairfax

Italian Pizza
American Flatbread _ Ashburn
Vapianos - Dulles town center
Vocelli Pizza
Ofcourse PapaJohns

Chinese/Japanese/Korean ( I know each dont get along with other but im putting them together)
Sunflower - Vienna
China Star - Faircity mall - Fairfax
Panang - DC - Malaysian - ROTI CANAI awesome
Sichuan Village - DC -
Lighthouse TOFU - KOREAN BBQ SOUP place - Annandale
Malaysia Kopitam - DC - malaysian
Singapore Bistro - DC
Vit Goel ToFu - Korean BBQ - Annandale
PadThai - Fairfax
Thai /Vietnamese and other asians
Burapa Thai - Ashburn / Leesburg
Busara Thai - Reston/Tysons
Tara Thai - Tysons
Pho -- Come on too many of them to mention - Just go get a hot soup

Jamaican Chicken cafeteria in Farrugut West metro eatery/food court
Teddys Roti SHop - http://www.teddysrotishop.com/
Panam - Family restaurant - GREEK - Panam shopping center - Fairfax
Narita - SOUP - Japanese - Vienna
Oriental Regency - Tysons - CHINESE

These are some of my pics what are yours
post if you have good suggestions for restaurants


  1. Good List!!! I think Jaipur would be a good add to the Indian list, don't you?

  2. Also, californian Pizza and papa johns to the list...
    + PadThai (Fairfax)