Saturday, April 4, 2009

Common Cost Savings in Costco

Costco - My life saver

For those who know my shopping habits, mentioning Costco should not be any surprise but what are some of the small secrets i buy from Costco that still beats every one else in price

  1. Movie tickets - 2 for 15$ - normal tickets in theater are 10$
  2. Free AIR fill in Car tires(Tire Center) - normally it costs 75cents in a gas station
  3. Bolthouse Carrot juice or Naked Naturals - Cheaper than any retailer
  4. 32bottles of water - 4.59 - beats every one else
  5. Home and Auto insurance - BEATS all competitors in market
  6. McCormick and Shmick - Restaurant cards 100 $ cards for 80$
  7. Starbucks gift cards - 100$ worth cards for 80$ ( even starbucks does not offer this)
  8. Postal stamps- Forever stamps 41 cents - 100 of them -small discount dont know of the top
  9. Free EAR hearing test - You get a free test to check your ears
  10. Bed and BreakFast inn gift cards - 100$ cards for 80$

and definitely the last and most important

FREE SAMPLERS on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY -- Love itttttttttttttttttttt

Go costco --- If you have any interesting FINDS in Costco than the usual toilet tissue, paper towel,milk, egg, bread etc

POST It - it has to be a NICHE product -


  1. Costco claim to offer free NITROGEN air(not the regular air), which is better than the air u get from the gas stations. NITROGEN is lighter and more inert.. and hence the car is lighter (more mileage), and doesn't leak easily.

  2. I was reading a blog.. some one mentioned Costco as a "300 dollar parking lot" :)

    Okay let me add more items to your best deals list...

    1) Costco's presciption Eyeglasses
    2) Good deals at photo center.. 13cents for a
    photo print
    3) Great deals for organic stuffs... like
    cut Mixed vegetable 5 lbs for $5.69
    4) $9.99 large cheese pizza.
    5) All bakery related items (like flour, sugar,
    baking soda, butter are very cheap)

  3. Nitrogen vs Regular air - thats neat to find i did not know that

    I just recently switched to Contacts
    So a box of contacts 4 lenses is 13.85 - 15 day lenses, 30 day lenses are 23$ as against to 50$ in prescription glass places like Hour eyes

    More savings --

  4. About the Pizza and Food in Costco
    One tip -- all the eateries are cash only places so make sure you have change before you stand in the line as its a 30 minute wait usually